Learn in a safe environment

no more intimidating socials.
boost your confidence in executing what you’ve learned.

Unique, Graded dance program which guarantees to turn you into a great social dancer. These group classes are super fun, the perfect place to end off your weeknight, meet awesome people & learn something amazing!

The program includes an Assisted Practice Social for each of the styles that you take. It’s an hour of social dancing facilitated by our wonderful instructors.

No more intimidating socials. Boost your confidence in executing what you have learned.

Our instructors are there to help you & give you tips on the concepts you are trying out so that you are ready to kill your moves on the social floor!

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Just for a minute imagine the ideal situation:
– A safe space for practice
– Near equal numbers of leads & follows dancing at your relative current level
– Good music that is easy to count to or understand
– A professional dancer/teacher to facilitate and encourage you along. We believe that we have the answers to all of your woes. Introducing the first ever Assisted Practice Social (TM)
Let us provide the ideal opportunity for you to excel at your dancing, fast.

Mon – Salsa
Tue – Bachata
Wed – Kizomba

21:30 – 10:30

A) Dance Program students pay the following:

R50/session paid upfront with your Dance Program
R500/month covers up to 12 sessions.
(covers all styles for 1 month or 3 months of 1 style)
B) Dancers not in our Dance Program pay the following:
R750/month for up to 12 sessions
(covers all styles for 1 month or 3 months of 1 style)