AFRO-LATIN DANCE ACADEMY Graded dance programs

graded dance programs.
dance hard, play harder.

Paradiso Academy’s Dance Program is unique because not only do we promise to turn you into a dancer, we guarantee it! That is our commitment to you.
We will take you through our world-class graded dance syllabus which ensures that you learn all the foundations to get you on the social dance floor as quickly as possible! Once you have your foundations we continue to build on them turning you into a wonderful & creative dancer.
We are always learning new and exciting content which you can master and add to your repertoire.
There are levels for beginner dancers all the way to advanced.
During each class, your teacher will monitor your progress and regularly share their feedback privately with you in order to optimize your personal development.
Our Dance Program offers a fun & comfortable space for everyone to enjoy their classes while learning how to dance and at the same time meet new people and get exercise in.
This will open up a whole new world to you and we promise you won`t forget it.