Welcome to Paradiso Memberships

Starter Membership

R590 / month
  • Once-Off Private Lesson
  • 1 Dance Program Style
  • 4 Dance Program Classes
  • 5 % Discount : Private Lessons
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Standard Membership

R990 / month
  • Once-Off Private Lesson
  • 2 Dance Program Style
  • 8 Dance Program Classes
  • 10% Discount: Private Lessons
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All-Star Membership

R1550 / month
  • Once-Off Private Lesson
  • 3 Dance Program Style
  • 12 Dance Program Classes
  • 15% Discount: Private Lessons
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  1. Payment is by Direct Debit only via Payfast.
  2. Payments are taken on the 1st of the month and each payment will cover your membership for that whole month.
  3. Your membership will commence on 1st of the following month, providing your Direct Debit mandate has been
  4. We require the 3 months “commitment period” for the Debit Order memberships after which your membership autorenews
    each month until cancelled.
  5. A 2 weeks notice of cancellation is required in writing before the end of the month (by email). If you cancel after this
    point, your membership will be cancelled from the end of the following month.
  6. The membership is to benefit people who regularly support Paradiso Academy classes. If you cancel your membership,
    there will be a 6 month period before you can rejoin the membership. During this period, the usual drop-in or Dance
    program rates will apply when you attend class.
  7. Membership fees take into consideration closure dates throughout the year. There are therefore no refunds or
    reduced monthly payments for closures.
  8. There are no refunds if you miss classes due to work/holiday/other commitments.
  9. You cannot pause your membership for reasons of work/holiday/other commitments.
  10. Membership can be paused for reasons of illness or injury on submission of a doctor’s certificate. This is applicable
    from the next full month i.e. from your notification we will pause your membership from the start of the following
  11. If you wish to attend more classes than your membership package entitlement, the regular drop-in class fees apply.
    You can upgrade your membership at anytime, just let us know by email 2 weeks before the start of the month so we
    can change your plan before the next direct debit payment.
  12. You will still be required to check-in at the front desk. On particularly busy nights, we will endeavour to fast-track
  13. Membership is non-transferable.
  14. If your level of the Dance Program is frozen for one month due to there being too few students in said level, you will
    recieve an hours private lesson to make up for the level being missed.
  15. We/Paradiso Academy reserve the right to refuse or cancel membership.
  16. We/Paradiso Academy reserve the right to change the terms & conditions of Paradiso Academy Membership.

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