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Meet Our Amazing

All art is interpretation. Let our amazingly talented instructors show you their personal interpretation of how they see dance and life.
Founder, Creative Director, Choreographer

Regan Christmas

Regan was born in Durban and played sports throughout school, but his applicable movement training started quite late in life at around 21 years of age.

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He trained in martial arts for five years, and he taught junior karate to children affected by ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

In 2003 Regan moved to Cape Town and started working for an international Ballroom/Latin dance school as a teacher. From 2005 he first learned Salsa locally, and then continued his training in Europe from 2006.

On his return back to South Africa in 2007, he opened his own dance school called The Salsa Studio. The name of the school has since changed to Paradiso Academy, but Regan still carries his optimism; passion; and his ongoing mission towards artistry and mastery to this day and into the future.

Birthday: 8 July

Director, Choreographer

Candice Christmas

She is ladies styling principle of Paradiso Academy and Regan’s dance and business partner. Known for her fun demeanour in classes as well as her beautifully feminine and sensual dancing on the stage and on the social floor,

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… there is no doubt that she loves music and dance.

Candi brings her years of experience in club and street dancing and melds it with her technical training in Flamenco; Tango and Salsa. Born and raised in Cape Town and dancing formally since 2000, she also brings her own brand of African rhythmic movement effortlessly to every dance.

Birthday: 13 November

Full-Time Teacher, Performer

Megan Musiker

Megan was introduced to dancing at the age of three, when she was put in a ballet class, wearing an over-sized pink tutu. From that moment she realized that she would never be able to live without it.

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She grew up in a dance studio, which became her second home. She trained in the Cechetti Method of Ballet, Contemporary Dance & Jazz. She competed in competitions, although performing has always been her first love.
Meg has performed in a number of National productions where she gained experience from internationally acclaimed teachers & choreographers.
She wanted to share her passion for dance, and decided to study to become a ballet Teacher, where she qualified with Honours in 2016.
So, how did she find Salsa you ask?
Meg unfortunately injured herself in 2016 which forced her to take a break from dancing for just over a year. During that time she realized more than ever that she needed to dance to feel whole. She decided she would like start a new style of dance which took her away from the pressures of Ballet and so that she could start at the every beginning again.
And next thing she was in a beginners class at Paradiso Academy where she instantly fell in love and found a connection.
She has been a part of the family ever since!


“No one is you & that is your power. There is no point in wishing & hoping to be like anyone or anything other than the best version of yourself. We’ve been given a gift, & that is life. We spend too much time moaning about the things we can’t change & not doing anything about the things we can. Time waits for no one. You’re already on this journey, embrace it, learn from it & enjoy it as it is. It’s yours”
Teacher, Performer

Shani De Jager

Shani was born and raised in Cape Town. Attended her first salsa class in February 2009 and was hooked immediately. Trained with The Salsa Studio (now known as Paradiso Academy) ever since.

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Joined the studio’s teaching and performance team in 2011. As a Libra always striving for balance, she finds dancing to be the perfect creative outlet to counterpoise her analytical day job.

Birthday: 7 October

Teacher, Performer

Kevin Hendrickse

Dancing since 2009 Kevin spent his formative years in London where he was instantly hooked by its vibrant and diverse dance scene.

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His interests lie in many forms of dance including Kizomba and Bachata, but his main area of expertise has always remained with his first love which is Salsa.

Constantly pushing his own skills and knowledge, Kevin joined Paradiso Academy (then The Salsa Studio) in 2014 and soon become a regular feature on the local performance scene. Numerous travels abroad have also afforded him the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s top dancers and instructors.

Kevin’s classes focuses on core techniques that empower dancers to express themselves and have fun. Well rooted in established trends and practices, his love of dance found new expression in teaching and sharing.

Birthday: 27 September