Team Building &
Corporate Events

liven up the office staff.
staff morale, confidence, FUN!

Looking for an exciting, fun activity to liven up the office staff? Our Dance Team building workshops are a great way for colleagues to not only develop team skills, but also to boost staff morale, confidence, and most importantly have FUN!!

If you are planning a group activity for a corporate event, our dance class is a super fun icebreaker activity to introduce different teams & departments, whilst developing team spirit.

Suitable for all ages & abilities & our qualified, high energy & friendly instructors will lead you through the class ensuring that you all are comfortable, having a great time & will walk out of there with something to take with you. The basics of Salsa!

To book your event, email with your available dates so we can schedule you accordingly.

What we offer...
The event lasts for an hour duration with the following entertainment:
●     Warm up line dance
●     Interactive Dance class
●     Cooldown dance
You can add a demo dance, danced by our instructors to inspire your team!