about paradiso and get to know its founders

All about that dance life

We create dancers by improving their level of
ability and aesthetics which produces confident individuals with
an elevated state of mind and a strong sense of community.

Regan Christmas

Founder, Creative Director, Choreographer 

Born into a family of dancers; artists and musicians, Regan found his love for music; performing and dancing at a young age. His folks used to take him to family matinee events in nightclubs from the age of four years. Every time they went out dancing, he was intrigued by the ability the dj had to transform a lifeless venue into a happy space where people could laugh; dance and love been together. At age thirteen, he joined his school’s marching band, and quickly realized his musical talent, as he fell in love with percussion and horn instruments, playing and teaching. He also added to his foundations in choreography and showmanship.



Through years of listening to an eclectic mix of music including Funk; soul; jazz; rock and disco, Regan tried his hand at Dj’ing and music production playing at house parties and family events. Fresh out of high school, Regan started playing various forms of house music at some of his favorite nightclubs. He uses the mixing skills acquired in the 90’s to bring energy to Latin dance floors today when he mixes his favorite Salsa; Kizomba and other tracks. Regan “Tumbao” Christmas is a well-known Dj in the local Latin scene, as well as in European and African countries. His Dj name, Tumbao (pronounced: Thoem-bow), refers to the basic rhythms and swagger of Afro-Latin music, rhythms that have become the heartbeat of Regan’s life as a full-time dj; musician; and Latin music and dance instructor.


Regan played sports throughout school, but his applicable movement training started quite late in life. He trained in martial arts for five years, and he taught junior karate to children affected by ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). He currently still practices martial arts. In 2003 Regan moved to Cape Town and started working for an international Ballroom/Latin dance school as a teacher. From 2005 he first learned Salsa locally, and then continued his training in Europe from 2006. On his return back to South Africa in 2007, he opened his own dance school called The Salsa Studio.

The name of the school has since changed to Paradiso Academy, but Regan still carries his optimism; passion; and his ongoing mission towards artistry and mastery to this day and into the future.

Africa is indeed the roots
of the music and culture

Keeping the Salsa scene on par with those
abroad, while celebrating a radiant culture and those
roots. Also, pioneering ladies styling classes.

Candice Christmas

Founder, Creative Director, Choreographer 

Director Candice Christmas is the ladies styling principle of Paradiso Academy and Regan’s dance partner. Known for her fun demeanour in classes as well as her beautifully feminine and sensual dancing on the stage and on the social floor, there is no doubt that she loves music and dance. Candi brings her years of experience in club and street dancing and melds it with her technical training in Flamenco; Tango and Salsa. Born and raised in Cape Town and dancing formally since 2000, she also brings her own brand of African rhythmic movement effortlessly to every dance.

Dance Hard, Play Harder